Monday, March 12, 2007

Adidas New Graffiti Designs!

Graffiti designs are to be applied to a raft of Adidas trainers and clothes following a project involving artists from across the globe.

The End-to-End project will be launched exclusively through sports retailer Footlocker next Monday. The seven artists, from the UK, France, Germany and the US, were given a warehouse, in London's Spitalfields, to work in last month.

They worked for three days on a series of pieces, which Adidas then took and transformed into footwear and clothing designs, which will also be showcased on a bus touring throughout Europe this month.

Last February, designer Peter Saville came up with some trainers for Adidas adorned with the results of his design brief.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Blog Post....How Exciting.

Might as well kick off the blog with a nifty news article from the UK. This one's about how a couple of cleaners trashed a priceless piece of graffiti created by Bansky (more on him later).

Seriuosly, what were these dopes thinking? Goes to show you how people just assume that anything painted on wall that isn't an advertisement for jeans MUST be some form of vandalism. Wonder if the two chuckle-heads responsible will be making weekly or monthly payments....

Clean Sweep for Work of Art
COUNCIL cleaners were so keen to tidy up for the opening of a new square in Dalston that they removed artwork by graffiti king Banksy.

The street cleaners had been ordered to spruce up the area before the official opening of Gillett Square last November, but were so efficient that they wiped off two stencils by the celebrated artist.

One of his works sold for more than £100,000 at a Sotheby's auction just last week and he has a number of artworks scattered around the streets of Hackney.

The four-foot Banksy stencil of a girl wearing a frilly dress and a gas mask had been on the wall in Gillett Square for several years, but had been masked by plywood for several months.

It was uncovered by Hackney Co-operative Developments (HCD), the organisation responsible for re-developing the square, two days before the opening but washed off the day after, along with another Banksy work of a man's face.

Adam Hart, executive director of HCD, said: "With the launch coming we thought maybe it was time to unveil it and no sooner it was unveiled then it was promptly removed. We were somewhat dismayed and surprised. We just didn't expect it."

Gotta say, I was speechless when I found this one.

Bad Monkey Designs